Mixed Heritage Links

Adoption Advocates International
AAI is an experienced international adoption agency focusing on children from Haiti, China, Thailand, and Ethiopia. We are committed to processing each adoption with respect for the welfare of the child while providing emotional support and guidance for the adopting parents.

Also-Known-As, Inc.
Also-Known-As, Inc. was started by a group of adult adoptees and friends who recognized the invaluable resource of their adoption experience to future generations of adoptees and adopting families.

Association of Multi-Ethnic Americans
A nation-wide confederation of local multi-ethnic and interracial groups that seeks to educate and advocate on behalf of multi-ethnic individuals and families by collaborating with others to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

Its mission is to foster positive identity formation and empowerment in children of mixed heritage. To meet this aim, the Fusion Program facilitates the exploration of personal identity and community in a safe and nurturing environment.

Hapa Issues Forum
HIF is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Pacific Islanders of mixed heritage and developing communities that value diversity.

A Bay Area non-profit that strives to educate ourselves, our children, and our community about the facts of interculturalism and interracial identity.

An organization in the United Kingdom that offers friendship, support, information, and advice to mixed race individuals, racially mixed couples, and transracial adoptees in the United Kingdom.

Interracial Family Circle
The IFC was founded in 1984 to recognize, advance and protect the rights of interracial & multicultural individuals, unions, and families. The IFC fosters and promotes an educational program that encourages interracialism and multiculturalism. The IFC sponsors member events that express and reinforce support, caring, and love for families, couples, and individuals or all races and creeds.

Jewish Multiracial Network
The mission of the Jewish Multiracial Network is to build a community of Jews of color and multiracial Jewish families for mutual support, learning, and empowerment. Through education and advocacy, we seek to enrich Jewish communal life by incorporating our diverse racial and ethnic heritages.

Mavin Foundation
MAVIN is the nation’s leading organization that is redefining diversity through innovative projects celebrating mixed race youth and families.

MixTogether is an organization which supports mixed couples who face opposition from parents or community to their relationship.

Multiethnic Education Program
The Multiethnic Education Program provides educators and families culturally competent resources and strategies to ensure mixed heritage children thrive in our increasingly diverse society.

National Advocacy for the Multi-Ethnic (N.A.M.E.)
A national non-profit organization that provides support and advocacy for individuals from diverse backgrounds through education, fellowship, and unity.

Pact: An Adoption Alliance
An adoption alliance that provides informative and essential education, conncetion, and support opportunities for families raising children of color (transracial, international, transcultural, etc.).

Project Race
A national organization that advocates for multiracial people through education, legislation, and community awareness.

Swirl, Inc.
Swirl, Inc. has been uniting the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and inter-racial/cultural/faith couples since its inception in New York City in 2000. Through various educational and social events, Swirl is a meeting place for members of the mixed community to celebrate and explore their heritages. Today, Swirl is a national non-profit organization with eleven chapters spanning the country.

Transracial Abductees
Transracial Abductees is an organization that works to educate transracial adoptees and communities of color and expose the unequal power between the white adoption industry and children of color adoptees. They choose the word “abduction” to describe how the adoption industry forcibly removes children of color from their families and communities and assimilates them into their new white families and society.

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