AAS 550: Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage

Course Description
This is an interactive, dynamic course taught in a seminar style with an expectation of active student participation. Group work and interaction are emphasized in order to provide students with real life problem solving opportunities. Creative and analytical approaches are both emphasized through Reading Response Essays, a Midterm Group Play, Research Portfolio and related Presentation, and Final Class Project (creating a Mixed Heritage Asian American Children’s Book). Topics covered in this course may include a selection of the following:

The history of anti-miscegenation in the US, particularly as such laws relate to the Asian American experience; stereotypes of APIs of mixed heritage; the history of US and European war and colonialism in relation to APIs of mixed heritage; the “war bride” phenomenon; TransRacial/transnational adoption; Hawai’i; Double Minority mixed heritage Asian Americans; Queer mixed heritage Asian Americans; mixed heritage Asian Americans bodies (body image and health issues); mixed heritage Asian Americans Creative/Cultural expression; Mixed Heritage activism and social and political organizations.

This course explores the Historical, Cross-Cultural and Global Contexts relevant to Asian Americans of mixed heritage. AAS 550 is designed to present students with cross cultural and historical perspectives which will permit students to empathize with Asian Americans of mixed heritage, across a wide variety of historical circumstances and personal experiences. The inherently multiethnic nature of the subject matter allows students to develop an appreciation of an emerging sub-dominant group (Asian Americans of mixed heritage) and recognition of the fundamental unity of humankind.

This course addresses “issues concerning Asian Americans of mixed ethnic background and heritages, with focus on the groups’ interracial profile in relation to their ethnic and cultural sensibilities.” [SFSU Bulletin]