• ETHS: 210: Asian American Culture
  • Ethnic values and cultures in America using Asian-American arts, languages, and literatures. Manner in which these works reflect and express the character of the Asian-American experience and the forces that have shaped that experience. [SFSU Bulletin]


  • ETHS 300 GW: Writing in Ethnic Studies-GWAR
  • Foundations of writing in the disciplines of Ethnic Studies: Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, and Raza Studies. Draws on the behavioral and social sciences, the humanities, and the creative arts to prepare students for advanced work in Ethnic Studies, and for careers requiring breadth and depth of knowledge. (ABC/NC grading only.) [GWAR] [SFSU Bulletin]


  • AAS 206: Intro to Asian American Literature
  • Reading and analysis of Asian American literature. Appreciation of literature from a literary standpoint with attention paid to historical, psychological, and sociological enhancement. [SFSU Bulletin]


  • AAS 214: Asian American Composition
  • This course is equivalent to English 214 and fulfills all of the same requirements. This course is not grammar-lesson intensive. Students should come prepared with a strong grounding in grammar and sentence composition, as well as the basics of essay composition. The focus of this course is on developing skills related to writing research essays and developing strong theses. [SFSU Bulletin]
  • AAS 550: Asians of Mixed Heritage
  • Issues concerning Asian Americans of mixed ethnic background and heritages, with focus on the groups’ interracial profile in relation to their ethnic and cultural sensibilities. [SFSU Bulletin]