Dear Colleagues,

By now you have probably seen the second message sent out by Gail Brooks from the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

It is disappointing to see our own CSU administration using the same “blame the teacher” rhetoric with which public education is being attacked nationally. The recent AAUP annual report on the state of our profession shows,

When all of the salary data submitted in each year is adjusted to account for inflation, the overall average salary of a full-time faculty member in 2011-12 is less than 1 percent higher than it was five years ago, in 2006-07.

In contradiction to Brooks’ use of the common tactic of linking rising tuition costs with rising faculty salaries, the AAUP analysis demonstrates that,

At public four-year institutions, published tuition and fees increased a whopping 72 percent more than inflation, while full-time faculty salaries barely budged-and, indeed, declined significantly at public master’s universities.

You can read the report here: <>

If Administrators are so concerned about saving money, they should lead by example:

*        Cost of Living and Equity Pay: Administrators should and reduce their own pay to 2008 levels, refuse salary increases, and agree to “re-open”/i.e. open up the possibility of reducing their salary and benefits a year from now. (In 2008, Gail E. Brooks made $248,346.99, while in 2010, the most recent year for which there is a record of her pay, she made $255,257.19-a raise of $6911 in just 2 years!)

*        Summer Pay: Gail Brooks seems upset at the CFA suggestion that faculty working in special sessions like summer “would be paid using regular faculty classifications and salaries”-but if it is a problem to pay people during summer what they make during the rest of the academic year for doing the same job, administrators should also share the burden and take a pay cut during the summer  while doing the same work as the rest of the year.

*        Sharing Workload: The CFA is proposing that the CSU hire 1000 new faculty to replace the faculty lost in the past few years-meaning those who remain teach more students and do more service. Administrators must also be feeling this pinch, which is why on our own campus there is a newly minted AVP of Academic Affairs Operations (click to see full job description<>), a position that would likely be hired at a salary of over $160k+. If administrators think we don’t need new faculty colleagues to share our workload, then there should be no new administrative hires.
And, finally, some advice on being part of a public good:

We Are a Public Non-Profit: Dear Administration, please remember that we are a public, not-for-profit institution. We are not a corporation, and should not have major decisions-like who runs our Bookstore-decided by the University Corporation. We provide a public service to the people of the State of California, and our CSU leadership should ask our state legislature to prioritize public education instead of incarceration and corporate tax breaks. Let us be a state built upon hope for the future, rather than a state controlled by fear.

In Solidarity,
Wei Ming Dariotis
President, CFA-SFSU Chapter<>, SFSU
Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies<>, SFSU

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